Pace in place.

Finished about an hour ago. All went well. They did not put it in via the neck though, just below the collarbone. Two cords are connected to my heart.

I was a bit anxious last night and this morning, not that it wouldn’t go well, I just hate the thought of someone cutting in me while I lie there knowing what they are doing. And I also get very nervous that it is going to hurt. The anethesia shot hurt, but it’s not like it is the worst pain in the world. It is more the anticipation of pain that I find difficult to bare. But it was over quickly and they asked me if they should play some music and whether I had any requests.
I said “Christmas music” and without saying anything more, She & Him started playing and I felt calm straight away listening to Zooey Dechanels voice.

Now I am under surveillance for about four hours at the cardio unit and then I was supposed to go home, but the hematologists want to keep my at their unit at least until tomorrow just to make sure my blood values do not drop rapidly or if I would suffer any bleeding after the surgery. Ah well, will survive here a couple of more days I hope. At least now I do not need to experience drop in puls, missing heart signals or cramps and heart palpitations which have been going on for the last few days.

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  1. Alltså, denna pace ser ju faktiskt gullig ut. Tänk att något så litet kan hjälpa hjärtat att bete sig! Hoppas du får komma hem ett tag snart och julpyssla 🙂 Kramen

  2. Fina, fina Hanna.
    Tänker så ofta på dig. Jag älskar Anlos ide med lampan!
    Tack för att du delar med dig. Kämpa på.

    Många styrkekramar från Anna P❤️

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