Four horrible days.

On Wednesday afternoon, I finally got to go home. My white blood cells had already disappeared though that same day, a lot sooner than they had thought, so I knew I was highly susceptible to infections. On Friday morning, I woke up with a fever and had to go to the emergency room. My blood pressure was extremely low (like60/50 compared to 100/75) and they took me in to their trauma room where one doctor and three nurses attended to me, drawing blood, giving me antibiotics and IV-fluid. A doctor from the infections unit came by and suspected that the cause was an infection in the wound from my pacemaker and they said that they might have to take it out the same day. I did not like the sound of that…

Fortunately, when I came to the hematologist unit, they were not as convinced that the pacemaker was to blame and now four days later they have more or less ruled it out (even though they are still keeping an eye on it). But, since Friday I have been running  a fever more or less the whole time, except for a couple of hours on Saturday. Been chattering my teeth and freezing while lying under four covers, only to start sweating like crazy an hour later. On top of that, my non-existing immune system has caused me to get blisters all over my tongue that have been hurting like… Have been prescribed morphine that I am eating several times per day, it has really been unbearable. Today it took me 1,5 hours to eat two pieces of bread for breakfast as I had to drink ice water all the time to numb my tongue.

Since my blood pressure has been so low, they have filled me up with IV-fluids which has made me very swollen, I have put on 5 kg since I got here on Friday. I am also very swollen in the lower part of my face due to the infection in my tongue and tonsils. Hoping to get rid of the fever so I can go home for the weekend at least. My pulse is really high (due to the fever), but also because of the pacemaker. I have always had a very low pulse so it is weird that my heartbeats a little faster than normal and it will take some time to get used to.

I also have something called heart flutter, which basically means an irregular heartbeat. This is something they may need to address by giving me medication, but nothing is decided yet. There was a nurse here from the pacemaker unit and she could see this straight away when she looked at my pacemaker data. She connected to my pacemaker via this object that she put over the pacemaker and then she could go in and look at all the activity since last Tuesday when it was put in.

This afternoon or tomorrow they will be performing an X-ray to evaluate whether the chemo has had any effect on the tumor. What they’ve said is that initially,they just want to make sure it hasn’t grown and it may be too early for it to have decreased in size.

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        1. Jag vet.😢
          Trodde igår kväll när jag var feberfri att det skulle gå vägen, men nej… 40 grader imorse igen.
          Filma och fota! Och kanske FaceTimea när det är färdigt? 😘

          1. Man fick inte filma eller fota lussetåget tyvärr – och efteråt hade jag inte sinnesnärvaro nog att ta ens en bild tydligen… 🙃 Så bilden i tunnelbanan dit är den enda…😝

  1. Åh Hanna!! Vilken otur med feber och smärtor! Hoppas verkligen att du stabiliseras och får komma hem till helgen. Många varma kramar! 💕🤗☀️

  2. Hej Hanna,
    Så fruktansvärt vad du går igenom. Tänker på dig ofta. Önskar dig allt väl!!

    Kramar Jessica
    (Sannas granne och kompis)

  3. Fyfan vilken osis, att man inte ens kan få äta bröd utan besvär. Bröd som ju är det finaste civilisationen kunde framställa (enligt romarna då). Hoppas på förbättring snart, då kanske man får bjuda på en sockerfri bountyboll! Kramen 🙂

    *låt dig inte luras, bountybollen må vara sockerfri men långt ifrån nyttig…

  4. Stor-Hanna! Vilken vecka du har haft! Vill bara att du ska veta att jag tänker på dig ofta och håller alla tummar. Mamma, pappa o brorsan hälsar också! KRAM ❤️

  5. Vilken kämpe du är, Hanna! Det måste ha varit hemska dagar. Hoppas att allt är bättre nu!
    Många varma tankar från Stina L.

  6. Vilka plågor du tvingas genomleva Hanna. Jag hoppas verkligen att det vänder till det bättre nu.
    Jag jobbar extra på ett äldreboende. Birgit, dement och 96 år gammal, delade med sig av följande citat igår:
    “Livet är en strid.
    Aldrig får vi ge upp kampen.”
    Ha en så fin dag du kan ha det, Hanna.

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